MZ Live Project statistics site opens for a small public.

Match Viewing
You can view match results by match ID (or URL containing the match id in the form of mid=).
Match results are displayed instantly, the moment the match has taken place, with the final score shown at kick-off.

League tables with Top 11 values and average ages.
Leagues viewable by entering the league ID.
Easy comparison of teams in a league by Top 11 players' average value, age, salary.


League drop down lists added.

Self populating lists of teams that have been viewed and stored in database.


Started regularly scanning all MZ leagues/teams and storing their values in a database.

All league standings, values etc. updated once a week.
Top 11 data saved for common age groups (Senior, U18, U21, U23).
Some leagues lack names because they have only inactive teams in them, making it impossible to ascertain their official league names.


U18, U21, U23 data now visible by hovering over/tapping on a team in a league.


Y2K of MZ Live Project (Season 60, day 0).

Fixed leagues not showing up on the 0th day of the season. :)


Added season selector to league tables (Season 60, day 1).


Added Top 100 lists for common age groups (Senior, U18, U21, U23).

Added the possibility to see the Top 100 teams in the World sorted by the teams' Top 11 values.
It is possible to get the Top 100 list for all common age groups.


Top 100 lists are now sortable by country.


Manually named all leagues without a name (due to having no active teams in them).

All missing team names calculated based on preceding leagues.


All monetary values can now be displayed in any MZ currency.


Added graphs for team statistical data.


Hockey matches are now viewable and added graphs for league positions.


Started gathering full match statistics for league games (selected leagues only).

Statistics are stored on a player/team basis.


A bunch of bugfixes due to year change and leagues having been updated on the ManagerZone side.


Added a Top 100 list for leagues, based on total team Top 11 value.


Full team/player statistics now visible at league tables.

Added separate tabs for Team Statistics, Goalscoring and Goalkeeping.


Points graphs are added for leagues that have match statistics stored.


Fixed some bugs concerning walkovers when gathering match statistics.


World league tables are available.

World League tables are derived from match results, so they may not be accurate from the point
where matches against each other are used to calculate the final league positions.


Added statistics tabs for Defending (defenders/midfielders).


Fixed a bug with storing team league positions.

Erroneous team league positions may have been written to the database when MZ league tables were
being processed and therefore in an inconsistent state. Specifically the moment when some teams
were shown as having played 8 rounds and some 9 rounds. The teams at 8 rounds might have been
overwritten with faulty position data if a team who had played 9 rounds passed them in the league table.


Fixed a bunch of bugs with sortable tables on iPad.


Added position filters to league statistics and the ability to directly link to statistics tabs.


Added documentation to the DB classes and cleaned them up.


Moved all the scanner logic to the Scanner class.


World League Season 61.2 Day 1. Fixed some issues with displaying World League data due to season change.


Started splitting up and cleaning the wall of text code into separate classes.


Statistics tables load 8x faster now thanks to using a DocumentFragment to generate them.


Optimized loading of countries and currencies.


Incorporated History.js to have proper links and browser history with Ajax page loads.


Made a bunch of fixes to get the site working with IE9-10.


Added a changelog page and continued major cleanup of the code.


Added the possibility to filter Top 100 leagues by country.


Fixed a couple of issues with Internet Explorer 9.


Made some changes to load the Top 100 leagues table 5x faster.


Small fix to popup table tooltips and code cleanup.


Links inside the page are ctrl/alt/meta/shift clickable now.


Added the match list tab to leagues with statistics.

The match list displays all processed matches for the league and statistics for matches can be viewed by clicking on them.


Added match formations to the match list.

Match formations are now displayed with match statistics.


Match lists upgraded with spider charts.

Spider charts added for a quicker overview of team vs team comparison.


Started storing player data.

Current player data is stored without history. This will enable player lists by country etc. primarily for NC perusal.


Added player Top 1000 lists.

Player lists display Top 1000 players sorted by current value.


Added CSV output to league statistics tables.

League statistics tables can now be downloaded as CSV files. Download links are at the bottom of the tables.


Added a table with YTC skills by position to the calculator page.


Added the possibility to switch to a dark background for the site.


Added an NC option to the menu.

NC(A)s can now pick their country in the menu to have player links point directly to their respective MZ National Team profiles.


Added player lists for teams.

Players from tracked teams also have graphs for player value.


Added historic records for teams in leagues with full statistics.

Team records for specific leagues are accessible by the team pop-up tooltip in league tables.


Statistics parser fully automated and World League 2nd division added.

MZLive Match Statistics Parser is now fully automated, which means no more manual parsing of leagues matches with a script in a browser. As a result all World League 2nd division leagues were added to the league watchlist and will have full statistics available since the just finished season 65.3.


Player Top 1000 list changed to display club instead of country.

Player nationality and the country they play in are now in a mouse-over tooltip.


Updates to league statistics.

The Passing section in the league statistics table has been renamed to Ball Retention and new rows have been added for Tackles Against (team), Tackles Resisted and Tackles Resisted Percent.