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MZ Live Project [ MZLive ] - ManagerZone statistics site.

MZ Live Project aka MZLive was brought to life in the 2nd half of the year 2016 to provide listings and statistical data for ManagerZone and thus attempt to fill the void left by the late

Match Results

Match results are displayed instantly, the moment the match has taken place in ManagerZone, with the final score, goalscorers and cards shown at kick-off.

League tables of all ManagerZone divisions with Top 11 values and average ages (plus full statistics for selected leagues).

Easy comparison of teams in a league by Top 11 players' average value, age and salary.

Full team/player statistics for top leagues (including World League Top Series, Div 1.1, Div 1.2, Div 1.3 and Div 2.x).

Leagues with full statistics have separate tables displaying the following:

Graphs for league and team data.

Leagues - graphs for team position and team points.
Teams - graphs for team final league position, Top 11 value, salary, average age, U23/U21/U18 value.

Player lists with Top 1000 most valuable players.

Top 1000 players are selectable by nationality and age groups (U18, U21, U23, Senior).

Team lists with Top 100 most valuable teams.

Top 100 teams are selectable by nationality and age groups (U18, U21, U23, Senior).

League lists with Top 100 most valuable leagues.

Top 100 leagues are selectable by nationality.